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Benefits of Compounding Medications

Benefits of Compounding Medications

Pharmacy compounding is the process of creating personalized medicine to fit specific patient needs, whether it’s due to an existing allergy or creating a much-needed medicine that’s short in supply. Customized medications are created by combining different ingredients through unique dosages and the appropriate tools. It not only benefits you but your pets as well.

In some cases, well-established manufacturers can sometimes discontinue the production of a certain medicine, which makes it harder for patients and pet owners to acquire a particular drug to get a refill prescription.

Compounding pharmacists can provide discontinued medication by recreating them based on pharmaceutical ingredients to ensure that patients can receive the medicine they need to recover from an illness.

Allergies are also one of the most common reasons why pharmacy compounding occurs. Commercially available drugs may contain fillers such as gluten or dyes, which some patients can’t tolerate. Fortunately, Campus Pharmacy, a pharmacy in California can create customized medications without said ingredients, so a patient can still get the right treatment.

On the other hand, pets can sometimes undergo illnesses that require them to take more than one prescription. In this case, veterinary compounding can combine different medications into a single-dose formula. This makes it easier to administer prescription medications to your pet.

For many patients, pharmacy compounding can be potentially lifesaving. If you or a loved one requires customized compounded medications, we are a retail pharmacy in Los Angeles, California that can meet your needs. Get in touch with us today, so our trusted representatives can address your concerns.

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