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Benefits of Compounding Medications for Your Pet

Benefits of Compounding Medications for Your Pet

Medication compounding is the process of altering ingredients to combine different medications into one. Pharmacy compounding services not only benefit people but animals as well. As a pet owner, veterinary compounding can benefit your pet in many ways, such as:

  • Customized medications combine different medicine into a single-dose formula.

    Unfortunately, your pet may suffer from multiple health conditions at once. Instead of getting a refill prescription for multiple medications to help treat your pet, why not administer a single-dose formula instead? Doing so not only makes the experience less challenging, but it also lessens the risk of missed doses.

  • Customized medications are easier to administer.

    In line with combining various medications into one, customized medications also make it easier to give to your pet. This could be because some tablets are too large and difficult to swallow or due to its unpleasant taste. A reliable pharmacy in California can help transform bad-tasting medication into a savory, treat-like formulation for your pet.

  • Customized medications come in different forms.

    Aside from turning your pet’s medication into a more savory treat, customized medication can also come in different forms. They can come in chewable pet treats, transdermal PLO gels, and even sugar-free medication for a diabetic cat or dog.

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