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Completing a Course of Antibiotics

Completing a Course of Antibiotics

Imagine this. You went to a clinic to have your infection checked. It was a bacterial infection, and as such, the doctor prescribed some antibiotics for you to take. You then went to a pharmacy in California and bought the prescribed medicine.

Now, say the doctor has instructed you to complete the course antibiotics you bought for two weeks. But, after just a few days, you started to feel better. And so, you decide to stop taking the medication and leave the course unfinished because it’s probably just the same as a forgotten refill prescription scenario.

We have all probably found ourselves guilty of this specific scenario. We may even have justified our actions by thinking, “The medicine worked, and I feel better already. What’s the harm of not finishing the full course?”

Well, there’s this thing called antibiotic resistance. When we take antibiotics, the bacteria infecting us are killed. Each day, more and more of the bacteria die – meaning not all of them die during the first few days. If we stop taking our antibiotics because we are incrementally feeling better, then the bacteria that survive have the potential to produce a resistant strain.

When this happens, the bacteria become more deadly and persistent. People will recover slower; some illnesses will become more serious – and may even cause death. In turn, this would mean more hospitalizations, doctor’s visits, and buying medicine from a retail pharmacy in Los Angeles, California. That is why we at Campus Pharmacy strongly recommend that antibiotic courses are finished completely.

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