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Discover Simple Ways to Start Eating Healthy

Discover Simple Ways to Start Eating Healthy

Whether you want to manage your weight or an existing health condition, beginning a healthy diet can help you achieve your health goals. As your trusted pharmacy in California, we understand how eating healthy can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve prepared a few tips to help get your diet off to a good start and keep you motivated too:

  • Create and follow a diet plan.
    Creating a diet plan is a great way to determine what kinds of food you can eat and which ones to avoid. Your diet plan should include foods that you enjoy eating and healthy foods that can boost your immunity and give you much-needed energy throughout the day. This includes whole grains, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products.
  • Set realistic goals.
    As you start a new diet, avoid getting ahead of yourself by setting realistic goals. Determine a goal that’s attainable to you and break it down into different levels that you can achieve within a certain period. For instance, you can focus on eliminating junk food or soft drinks from your diet during your first week and learn how to prepare healthy meals the following week.
  • Track your meals.
    Tracking your meals is just as important as getting a refill prescription and tracking your medication. Jotting down your progress or using a handy mobile app will determine if your new diet is effective and provide insight into your eating habits too.

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