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Discover the Most Common Forms of Compounded Pet Medications

Discover the Most Common Forms of Compounded Pet Medications

When your pet is sick, a trip to the vet can be a stressful experience especially when it’s a medical problem that requires specific treatments. During these situations, compounding medications provided by a local pharmacy in California comes in handy. Likewise, here are the most common forms of compounded medications for your pet:

  • Transdermal gels

    This type of compounded medication comes in the form of a gel, which is placed inside an animal’s ear flap. Veterinarians typically prescribe transdermal gels to complement anti-inflammatory or antiparasitic medicines. These gels work similarly with transdermal patches by transferring the solution into your pet’s skin and their bloodstream. Some of them include methimazole and prednisolone.

  • Capsules

    Capsules come in a similar shape and size of pills but are pre-filled and prepared by a pharmacist. Dosing capsules are similar to pills as well, except that a pharmacist can alter its ingredients beforehand. You can get a refill prescription for compounded capsules such as potassium bromide and diethylstilbestrol from Campus Pharmacy.

  • Mixed-Form Medications

    Mixed form medications come in a broad range of options and can be provided by your local retail pharmacy in Los Angeles, California. It’s a great option for pets with filler allergies or those with a pre-existing condition to meet their specific health needs. An example of a mixed form medication is trilostane, which is effective in treating pets who have Cushing’s Disease. Depending on your chosen pharmacy, you can also opt for a flavored, chewable, or sterile injection based on your pet’s needs.

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