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Good or Bad: Running

Good or Bad: Running

Exercise has proven itself to be the most effective way for individuals to maintain healthy bodily conditions. But many question if running is actually good for you.

Running after 60 can be as beneficial to your health as it was in your 20s.

There’s no doubt that if you run for fitness your speed will slow down as you age.

From your 30s and onwards, several physical changes happen in the average person’s body. Aerobic capacity decreases, muscle elasticity reduces, lung elasticity declines, bone density reduces, your metabolism slows, and your immune system becomes weaker.

Pharmacies in California, like Campus Pharmacy recommend older adults get into the habit of running or jogging early in the morning.

The health benefits of running for seniors are generally the same for everybody else. They include reductions in the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Along with prescribed medicine which you can get refill prescription from us, running also proves to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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