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Hypertension: Tips to Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure

Hypertension: Tips to Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you were recently diagnosed with hypertension, you might be pondering ways to lower your blood pressure aside from getting a refill prescription of your medication. Taking the necessary steps to lead a healthy lifestyle will significantly help manage your condition better.

Check out these tips that will effectively help you lower your blood pressure:

  • Monitor the Foods You Eat

    Living with hypertension means managing your meals better. When preparing meals, choose ingredients like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and low-dairy products to lower your blood pressure. Keeping a notepad or checklist of the foods you eat can help reveal your dietary habits to help you determine the changes you need to make.

  • Reduce Alcohol Intake and Smoking

     Drinking alcohol that’s more than a moderate amount is known to raise your blood pressure and affect the efficacy of your medication. Furthermore, smoking cigarettes can also increase your blood pressure and lead to other health risks, such as heart disease. Besides, kicking the habit will help you live longer and improve your overall health too.

  • Visit Your Doctor Regularly

    In addition to getting a refill of your prescription from your local pharmacy in California, regular visits to your doctor are also key to managing your condition. Doing so will determine if any of your lifestyle changes are effective and helps prevent potential health conditions too.

As a full-service retail pharmacy in Los Angeles, California, we at Campus Pharmacy specialize in a wide variety of medications and home health care supplies. If you need medication to manage hypertension, you can visit us at several of our branches across California.

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