• Campus Pharmacy

    100 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 150 Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Phone: 310-208-2340 UCLA Extension - 47472
  • Fax: 310-209-2397 campusucla@gmail.com
We can personalize your medications according to your own preference.
bottles of natural tablets, healing herbs and mortar with dry lavender flowers

Pharmacy compounding is preparing customized medications which are not commercially available. At Campus Pharmacy, we specialize in preparing special compounds to meet your special needs. We are proud members of The PCCA, Professional Compounding Centers of America, Inc.

Compounded prescriptions are ideal for any patient requiring unique dosages or taste preferences, which can take the form of solutions, suppositories, sprays, oral rinses, creams, and even lollipops. Rest assured that we only use the highest quality ingredients available for quality medications.

For more information about compounding, please reach us by calling 310-208-2340 or messaging campusucla@gmail.com.