• Campus Pharmacy

    100 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 150 Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Phone: 310-208-2340 UCLA Extension - 47472
  • Fax: 310-209-2397 campusucla@gmail.com
We provide you with quality medical products to serve you better.
a collection of mobility aids including a wheelchair, walker, crutches, quad cane, and forearm crutches

Here at Campus Pharmacy, we provide a large selection of top-quality products at competitive prices that befit your health requirements without putting a hole in your pocket. We have a variety of orthopedic products, personal mobility devices, personal care products, and vital sign monitoring devices, such as blood pressure or glucose monitoring machines, among others. Rental opportunities for wheelchairs and knee scooters are also available. Plus, therapeutic support socks & hosiery with custom fitting. Rest assured that the products we give you are well-maintained by our staff to ensure its optimum quality.

If you wish to know the availability of the product/s you are looking for, please call us at 310-208-2340. You can also send us a message via email at campusucla@gmail.com.