• Campus Pharmacy

    100 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 150 Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Phone: 310-208-2340 UCLA Extension - 47472
  • Fax: 310-209-2397 campusucla@gmail.com
We take pride in serving the community by offering pharmaceutical products and services they require.
woman pharmacist smiling

Campus Pharmacy is committed to giving you nothing but services that befit you and your family’s needs and wants. We strive to be your leading choice of retail pharmacy in Los Angeles, California by helping you achieve an optimal quality of living. With the aid of our team of pharmacists, we can assure that your health requirements are addressed with compassion and professionalism.

Here are the services we offer:

We also have a wide range of greeting cards and stationery supplies, gifts, snacks, & beverages available.

For more detailed information about our services, please feel free to reach us by calling 310-208-2340 or messaging campusucla@gmail.com.