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Tips to Managing Medication Adherence

Tips to Managing Medication Adherence

Failure to follow a medication regimen is widely recognized as a top reason for treatment failures, serious adverse reactions, and even deaths. In addition to poor patient outcomes, medication non-adherence can lead to hospital readmissions and expensive treatments that drive higher downstream healthcare costs.

As accessible and trusted experts, community pharmacists are ideally positioned to positively influence adherence and patient outcomes. Pharmacies can accomplish this by guiding their patients to use their medications. Here is how:

  • Educate patients about what to expect.

    Pharmacists should explain the patient’s condition, how the refill prescription works, and why it is important to take the medication consistently to help patients remain adherent to therapy.

  • Nurture relationships with patients.

    Pharmacists should ask patients how they are feeling, whether a new dosage is working better or if they are experiencing any new side effects.

  • Team up with prescribers.

    It is critical to establish good communication between the pharmacists in your retail pharmacy in Los Angeles, California. This gives patients an important sense of belonging to a team that regularly communicates about their care.

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