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Uncover the Perks of Shingles Vaccination

Uncover the Perks of Shingles Vaccination

According to mayoclinic.org, Shingles are most commonly known as a painful rash, which occurs when the varicella-zoster virus is reactivated. This virus can remain dormant in the nervous system after experiencing chickenpox and can, unfortunately, reactivate years later. Luckily, a vaccine called Shingrix is available to help combat the virus.

To learn more, here are the perks of getting vaccinated against shingles:

  • It reduces nerve pain and discomfort.

    The shingles vaccine is best for adults aged 50 and above since the likelihood of getting shingles increases with age. In comparison to getting a refill prescription for medications, however, getting vaccinated for shingles will help lower nerve pain levels and ease any discomfort you may feel.

  • Its side effects are minimal and temporary.

    Shingrix is a relatively safe vaccine and is provided by your local pharmacy in California. Its side effects may include mild to moderate pain at the injection site or a sore arm. Additionally, some folks also report headaches and fatigue for two to three days after. Nonetheless, its side effects are minimal and temporary.

  • It lowers your risk of developing postherpetic neuralgia.

    PHN is a type of persistent neuropathic pain that occurs when a peripheral nerve is damaged as a result of shingles. This condition can leave you feeling fatigued and can potentially damage your vision and lead to muscle weakness. Instead of getting multiple treatments for PHN, why not save yourself the trouble and get vaccinated instead?

As a reputable retail pharmacy in Los Angeles, California, we at Campus Pharmacy provide a wide range of immunizations to protect you and your family. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our immunization services and pharmaceutical products.

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