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Unnoticeable Signs of an Unhealthy Diet

Unnoticeable Signs of an Unhealthy Diet

If your diet’s in need of an overhaul, it’s not just your waistline that will let you know.

According to Campus Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy in Los Angeles, California, there are many other tell-tale signs of malnutrition that isn’t always related to weight.

Weight gain can indicate the need to rethink what you’re putting into your body, but the evidence also shows that many other health problems have roots in poor dietary habits.

These signs don’t typically surface overnight, so watch out for the following:

  • Your hair feels like straw
  • Your skin starts aging prematurely
  • You have really poor oral health
  • Your brain almost always feels drained

Poor nutritional habits can also compromise your immune system’s overall integrity and trigger illness and infection. This makes the job of pharmacies in California essential to living a healthier life. After all, getting the right medicine from a trusted source is the first step to healing sickness!

Optimal nutrition can help reverse a compromised immune system. Choose foods high in vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, selenium, iron, and folic acid. Start by increasing your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

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