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What Is Keeping Patients from Using Their Meds?

What Is Keeping Patients from Using Their Meds?

There can be hundreds of reasons why patients either don’t, can’t, or forget to take their meds. Patients may forget about when and how to take them because of a financial crisis or unavailability of the refill prescription.

As such, Campus Pharmacy believes that medication adherence improvement efforts should be part of the prerogative of the providers. According to Lisa Roome-Rago, the Director of Enterprise Outpatient Care Management at Advocate Health Care, people don’t wake up in the morning and think they’re going to follow what their doctors said. She also added that it’s a matter of figuring out what’s actually going on and then trying to create a plan around that and minimize barriers.

We cannot deny the fact that a pharmacy in California won’t be able to simply instruct patients to take their pills as this cannot eradicate factors like money, availability of caregivers, timely delivery, and other stuff from missing your meds. But fortunately, pharmacies like us utilize communication skills and support systems to probe customers about what prevents them from taking their prescriptions and then generate strategies to surmount these challenges.

Want to know these strategies? We, your retail pharmacy in Los Angeles, California, can help you with that.

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