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What Not To Do: Self-Medicate!

What Not To Do: Self-Medicate!

People nowadays turn to medicate themselves to save money and time instead of going to a doctor. However, this poses a threat to us and the scientific community today. It is not recommended to do such a thing because it can cause various complications. Here are some of its disadvantages:

  • Mistreatment of diseases

    Administering incorrect medication can lead to complications because symptoms can be similar across a broad of diseases. This may also cause medicines to not be able to take full effect on certain diseases. That is why a consultation with a doctor or pharmacist is necessary. You can ask them at any pharmacy in California.

  • Resistance of pathogens

    This is foreseen by scientists who are studying various drug-pathogen interactions to be one of the most dangerous threats we’re facing today. This is because common drug remedies and antibiotics will not be able to kill off common bacteria or viruses anymore and it will take years to fully develop a new medicine that is safe for humans.

  • Harmful drug interactions

    There will be times when some ingredients in the drug can turn out to be an allergen to the patient without knowing it. Another instance is that the drug administered does not have the right ingredients, which can cause chemical imbalances in your body. That is why you should ask any retail pharmacy in Los Angeles, California before purchasing anything.

So, to prevent these dangers from self-medication, consult your doctor for proper consultation today! Here at Campus Pharmacy, you can also ask us about your prescriptions and we can give you affordable services such as refill prescription!

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