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Why You Should Get Flu Shots During Fall

Why You Should Get Flu Shots During Fall

As the fall season rolls in, flu shots provided by your local pharmacy in California becomes available. Although the season brings shorter days and cooler temperatures, it also brings about seasonal influenza. Since prevention is always better than cure, it’s best to get an early vaccination to ensure immunity.

Campus Pharmacy is here to share the top reasons why you should get your flu vaccine during fall:

  • It lessens your risk of contracting seasonal flu

    Getting your flu shots can effectively lessen your chances of getting sick. If you’ve had a serious bout of flu in the past, you know that any protection is better than none at all. Nonetheless, most doctors recommend getting vaccinated early, as it can take up to two weeks for immunity to fully develop.

  • It benefits everyone around you

    The flu virus spreads easily – you or your loved ones can easily contract it when a sick person coughs, sneezes, or touches items like your phone. Moreover, pregnant women and the elderly are also at higher risk of contracting the flu. Getting vaccinated not only protects you but your loved ones too.

  • It’s cost-efficient and hassle-free

    As a leading retail pharmacy in Los Angeles, California, we offer immunization services including flu vaccines. Simply book an appointment and you’re good to go! If you think about the costs of getting vaccinated compared to medical bills due to illness, it’s considerably cheaper and saves you the nuisance of getting sick.

If you’d like to schedule a flu shot, call us at 310-208-2340 to book an appointment today. We also provide pharmacy compounding and refill prescription services, as well as pharmacy medical supplies for all your healthcare needs.

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